February: Workshops and Roadtrips

The first weekend of February, I took a giant knit blanket workshop. It was a fun small class (6 students) in a cute little local store, and we made them laid out on a table without any knitting needles. The blanket came out really soft and fluffy… So fluffy that Dragon just tries eat it if I have it out (well… it may also be because of the sheepy smell of the yarn). Unfortunately I haven’t really been able to use the blanket due to this – anyone have any suggestions for how to handle a cat that eats your blanket???

The second weekend, I took a watercolor lettering workshop. This one was a larger class, filling all of a coffee shop that closed early just for the workshop. It came with a coffee drink, dessert, customized tote bag, and the watercolor palette and brushes to take with you. I wasn’t quite happy with my lettering by the end of the class, so I took the card supplies home to make later rather than during the workshop. And yes, my final card did include the word “poop” 💩

The third weekend was the long President’s Day weekend. I decided I wanted to tour a cheese farm, and discovered one near Mendocino that was having a special brunch and tour that weekend. At that point I figured I might as well just do Mendocino for the weekend… So we had a weekend of wine tastings, pregnant goats, beautiful ocean views, and a soggy waterfall hike.

Finally, this last weekend we took an overnight trip to South Lake Tahoe with some friends. Jack’s snowboarding has improved a lot this year (even just from when we were in Vail at the end of December), so there was less of me skiing ahead and waiting for him to catch up (or waiting until he got far enough ahead before I started skiing).  It was a lot more fun!

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