• Books – Not really a project, but a Trello board keeping track of books for me to buy, to read, to re-read, and to review (old; moved to Goodreads).
  • Infinite Parallax – Quick experiment inspired by GitHub’s parallax effects, but which also infinitely moves you “forward”.  For getting more familiar with JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Node.js Experiment – Project still in progress and being defined, as seen on the Trello board.  It kind of got expanded into “re-learn everything from scratch and then learn node.js”, so it covers a lot, and also got put on hold for other projects.
  • Renoki – Contributed to Jack’s Android game
  • Site Redesign May 2012  – After reading about many recent concepts and trends, I decided to redesign BaconFriedRice.  A simple mobile-first responsive web design, incorporating new HTML5 and CSS3 features.  Still in progress!
  • Stock Master 9000 – Capstone project for my senior year of electrical and computer engineering.  Fun times.
  • Wedding Site – For our wedding May 30, 2015!  Still in progress.  One-page site with parallax effects!

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