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I’m back from Beijing, and more bored than before, despite having some projects to work on. At the moment I’m trying to figure out what Jack’s done on Renoki so I can add a menu, but I still don’t really know Android programming…

Not much other than staying at home and playing games, reading, working on my ONiB doc, and now trying to figure out Renoki.  Just looking forward to moving at the end of June!

One Night in Beijing 2011

I finally have time to sit down and write about ONiB… it was AWESOME this year :)  It was basically my entire life this semester, and I’m really glad it worked out, because confession: This is the first event I have ever been in charge of organizing.   I never volunteered to organize anything in ARCC before, and I only did ONiB because Jack nominated me.

It was pretty stressful, but because I followed what Jack did last year pretty closely, it really wasn’t as bad as everyone thinks it was.   I set everyone’s deadlines really early so that when things fell behind we were still okay, and I think I avoided anybody pulling all-nighters.  I did have to pick up some other people’s jobs that weren’t done on time, but luckily I had a light semester so I did not have to pull any all-nighters myself.

I’m really proud of myself, because as I said, this is the first thing I’ve ever organized, and it was such a HUGE first responsibility.  I remember during my election speech last year I was asked if I would be able to do it because I was so quiet and soft-spoken – but I’m sure everyone I yelled at this year knows I’m the opposite when I need to be!  I still remember during my Microsoft interview, they decided that I was “pretty social” so they switched my developer interviews to program manager interviews.  They asked me: If someone wasn’t doing their job, would you be able to remove them?  I couldn’t answer with a definite answer at the time, but now I know that I am definitely capable of running a group and getting things done if other people don’t.  Although I would rather be a developer than a program manager, I wish I could redo the interview now, as I’m sure they would love all the experience I had running ONiB.

Jack will try to take credit for this year’s success, what with all the extra rooms he booked and his “ONiB doc”, but to be honest, I only looked at the doc once at the beginning of fall semester :P

Here are some highlights :)

As an MC: modern-day (fobby) Chinese mom

Modern-day mom: Aiyah!  Ni zenme hui shi??? *smack*

Now as a Tang dynasty mom

Fusion scarf dance

Up high… hehe

Umbrella dance as part of fashion show!

Fashion show in my awesome contemporary qipao

Funny expressions #1: Running around giving flowers / chocolates / personalized cards to all choreographers, singers, and MCs

Funny expressions #2: Jack gave me Medium Panda!  I look like I’m crying but I wasn’t…

Everyone :)

They signed a card for me <3

Part of the ONiB decorations

They also signed it for me… aww <3  I love everyone in ONiB this year

Thanksgiving 2010

Sitting in bed browsing the internet all day, Hokkaido buffet and Harry Potter later tonight. Pretty lame Thanksgiving… the best part is not doing work all day despite planning on using Thanksgiving to catch up on work >.<  Oh well, this is my last Thanksgiving not at home, next year I’ll have my own place!

I might as well pretend to be productive and make myself some to-do lists.

For Monday: Chinese essay, Chinese presentation, chess lab, embedded lab part 2, robot obstacle avoidance
Next week: edit Chinese essay, present Chinese presentation, finish chess lab, finish embedded lab, finish obstacle avoidance and combine with other code
Finals week: study for exams, clean my room, pack for winter break
Winter break: make a new layout for BaconFriedRice, update ONiB doc, ONiB script, reserve ONiB dance rehearsal rooms, make responsibility lists for ONiB board members, make sure ONiB board members are doing their jobs, get sick of ONiB, work on PiggyTD, blah blah blah

Chocolate chip pancakes

First day of classes is over. I never realized living on campus was so convenient! Especially with food right downstairs. I’m a bit worried I’ll get fat if I only eat campus food though.

I’ve only been to two classes so far, and both look pretty fun. I was really worried about Chinese at first, but it’s not as bad as I had imagined. The only downside is that the majority of the book is in simplified >.> I’ll just have to actually learn to recognize simplified, like I was supposed to the last two years…

Survey of Western Music History is pretty interesting, and it doesn’t seem like I’ll have to do much for it. I wish he had a list of music he plays in class though, because there was one he played today I really liked. No idea what it’s called. It’s even seemed to have changed since Jack took it, so I don’t have to take listening tests!

I think all my free time will be spent on ONiB. Not too much right now other than figuring out dates for auditions and booking the rooms, but I want to get a good head start. Most importantly, I need a script writer…!!!

In other news, I miss Jack.

Piggy kiss