Prime Day Watercolor Brush Pens

Prime Day has been pretty mediocre the last few years.  This year I just got some books and a set of watercolor brush pens.

This was my first attempt at using them on normal printer paper.  I started with the big flower, then the Pusheen, the Jack, and finally the rose.  The rose isn’t terrible.  Dragon placed her paw in the photo for scale.

After that I decided to get watercolor paper to see if it would be better.  I feel like the watercolor paper attempt didn’t come out as good as the rose on printer paper – I got impatient and didn’t wait for various parts of it to dry, so some of the colors got blended together that I didn’t intend to blend… so I decided to outline it with a thick Sharpie to try to hide the weird blended parts.  It did not work.

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