Happy 4th anniversary! And late Halloween pictures

We’ve been neglecting BaconFriedRice for a while.  Since I’ve started my new job, we’ve been really busy.  Jack and I work at the same place now, so we end up staying later than we want, as often I’ll be waiting for Jack to finish something, but by the time he’s done I’ll be in the middle of something, and so on…

This also makes it hard to make things for each other for our anniversary, since we leave for work together, are at work together all day, and come home from work together.  No time to work on secret presents!

Now that I’ve made my excuses, here is all I was able to give Jack.  I was stuck at work until midnight last night waiting for him to finish, so I didn’t have many supplies.  I even ran out of lead for my pencil, and all I could find were whiteboard markers and highlighters, so I just stuck with my pen.  It’s also unfinished, since he came back before I was done.

Jack gave me this: Piggy as an Assassin!  Based on Ezio.

And now, our late Halloween pictures.  I was based on the splash screen of one of Storm8‘s games, Castle Story.

And Jack was Faust from Guilty Gear:

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