Lytro camera

This camera is awesome.  I wish it weren’t so expensive, or I would buy it!

Lytro made a camera that takes photos you can re-focus later.  It results in these awesome interactive photos, and I feel like I discover something new when I change the focus.  The camera itself is also very small and compact… like I said, I wish it wasn’t so expensive!

I was reading the description of how it works, and it sounds really neat (and really complicated).  They emphasize the fact that the camera gets “lightfield data”, but I think the code to utilize that information and create the new re-focused photo is more impressive.  They call it their “Light Field Engine” and even lets you play with it right on the camera.

I saw the photo below and immediately thought of a horror-themed series, maybe where the reflections in the glass are less clear when you focus behind them and are actually really freaky ghosts or monsters.  I hate scary stuff, but that would be awesome – you’d re-focus and BAM a ghost!

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