Just saw this on Reddit, and I’ve decided what my next crafts project will be to get me back into crafts. I’m going to cross-stitch a Monokuro Boo iPhone case! The Reddit post linked to this website, where you can buy iPhone cases made for cross-stitching. I’m excited! I already have a lot of leftover needles and embroidery floss from the crafts class I taught, so I don’t even think I need to buy anything other than the case. Next step is just designing the Piggy and Emo Piggy design!

Also, I’ve decided my next technical project is going to be forcing myself to REALLY make the new layout for this site.  I’ve said it for over a year and haven’t done it, but this time I REALLY am going to do it!  Really!

In addition I really need to make the author of each post more obvious… although I giggle every time I see the smiley face next to my name and the frowny face next to Jack’s :D

EDIT: Added Piggy and Emo Piggy tags because Emo Piggy was mad I didn’t tag her

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