I’ve had my Thunderbolt for a week now. Android is fine, except when it comes to a few minor irritations, such as forcing you to align all icons to their grid, and making the unlock screen unchangeable natively by the OS. I flashed Tesla Coil custom ROM in order to wipe out most of the junk. Grabbed LauncherPro for a more appealing and convenient home screen.

I also spent an unbearably long amount of time trying to find a clock widget that exactly matches the lockscreen clock widget in style and position. That way, when I unlock my phone it appears as if nothing changes except the bottom icons appear. Interestingly enough, there isn’t a pre-existing app that fits perfectly, so I was forced to customize a widget. Unfortunately, the only way I could get the time and AM/PM thing to line up is by making them separate objects. Unfortunately, when you go from a single digit hour to a double digit hour, it shifts everything out of whack. So I had to convert the time to military time which makes the AM/PM disappear. I’m thinking about actually coding up a clock widget to match it, but we’ll see about that. Maybe tomorrow…

Now onto wallpaper. I guess one payoff of my recent endeavor to convert all my movies/anime to HD is that I can capture frames from the video itself and the resolution is high enough to make a wallpaper out of it. I’ve always wanted some specific scenes/camera angles which I thought were neat. My goal is to have 0 icons on the default home screen. It will probably piss me off later on when I want easy access to applications, but for now, it looks cooler.

Ironically, I went through this same phase when I bought my new computer. I spent all this time browsing wallpaper websites and deviantart to find things to put up. Then I eventually got tired of it all and just switched my desktop background to plain black. Easy on the eyes and takes less processing power to render. Two for one.

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