Living on the Edge

I bought a HTC Thunderbolt because I get $150 off a phone from work and the offer was expiring soon. This is a pretty big step for me, considering I’ve been using a LG VX8300 flip phone from 2005.

And so being that I just love adb shell, I decided to root my phone the moment I booted and connected to Verizon. The process is a long series of adb commands. There is a potential to brick your phone, and if not that, mess it up into a state that would require a lot of troubleshooting to recover from. I realize now that I probably should not have started this process 5 hours before I have to drive to the airport to fly back to Pittsburgh.

Luckily for me, everything went correctly and I now have a rooted Thunderbolt. First agenda of business, removing BitBop. What the hell is BitBop? Get that shit out of my technique.

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