Thanksgiving 2010

Sitting in bed browsing the internet all day, Hokkaido buffet and Harry Potter later tonight. Pretty lame Thanksgiving… the best part is not doing work all day despite planning on using Thanksgiving to catch up on work >.<  Oh well, this is my last Thanksgiving not at home, next year I’ll have my own place!

I might as well pretend to be productive and make myself some to-do lists.

For Monday: Chinese essay, Chinese presentation, chess lab, embedded lab part 2, robot obstacle avoidance
Next week: edit Chinese essay, present Chinese presentation, finish chess lab, finish embedded lab, finish obstacle avoidance and combine with other code
Finals week: study for exams, clean my room, pack for winter break
Winter break: make a new layout for BaconFriedRice, update ONiB doc, ONiB script, reserve ONiB dance rehearsal rooms, make responsibility lists for ONiB board members, make sure ONiB board members are doing their jobs, get sick of ONiB, work on PiggyTD, blah blah blah

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