I’m 38 weeks along today! Started maternity leave yesterday and have been regretting not taking 4 weeks beforehand instead of just 2. I thought I’d be fine since we’ve been WFH due to shelter in place and I just sit on the couch all day and don’t need to physically go into the office, but sitting too long has been a lot more uncomfortable than I thought it would be… in addition to standing too long and walking around too long. I wasn’t feeling too bad up until the last few weeks so I underestimated how I would feel… I’m actually writing this while relaxing in the bath to try to get more comfortable 😅

Right before Father’s Day weekend Jack was finally able to find some yeast, so I decided to make custard buns. I made the filling the night before, then after making the dough the day of I took a break while it rested before putting them together and steaming. I thought that would fine for me but I was apparently standing too long each time – by the end of all three separate steps my legs were all red and swollen and I started feeling a bit dizzy! Oops.

On Friday, right after I finished my last day of work before leave, I immediately took a nap… which adorable little Dragon joined me for.

The next day we decided to have a special no-more-work-until-next-year dinner, so we had some foie gras.

Jack made it with an apple sauce made of applesauce… and some apple.

Yesterday on the first day of maternity leave I had two appointments, so today was my first full day of doing whatever I wanted. I decided to make more buns, so I made pineapple buns this time. I learned from last time and brought a chair into the kitchen so I could sit and take breaks… though I took so many breaks the dough expanded a bit too much and all the buns smooshed together!

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