February 2018 Daily Donations

For my February monthly challenge, I decided to donate a small amount to something different every day.  It was a mix of organizations I already knew and cared about, and others that I discovered or were suggested to me.  I wrote a small bit (okay sometimes it was a large bit) about them on Facebook each day, and tried to donate on relevant days if there were any (for instance, the 28th was Rare Disease Day) to make it more interesting.  My goal was to not only expand my knowledge of organizations doing good stuff, but also spread knowledge and awareness of them.  It was interesting to look into the organizations and learn more about them – hopefully you also discover something new and interesting in this list!

  1. Wikimedia Foundation
  2. Humane Society Silicon Valley / Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA / Nine Lives Foundation
  3. Citizens Committee to Complete the Refuge
  4. International Pemphigus & Pemphigoid Foundation
  5. Second Harvest Food Bank
  6. Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation
  7. Planned Parenthood Northern California
  8. Sharks Foundation / Golden Knights Foundation
  9. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  10. The Dancing Cat
  11. Code.org
  12. Freakonomics Radio
  13. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  14. KitTea Cat Cafe
  15. Free Software Foundation
  16. Kitten Lady
  17. Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
  18. World Food Program USA
  19. DonorsChoose.org project
  20. Mario Lemieux Foundation
  21. Kiva / a Kiva loan
  22. Heifer International
  23. First Exposures
  24. Fred Rogers Company
  25. Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  26. San Francisco Symphony
  27. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  28. National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)

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