Infinite Parallax Experiment part 4: Images added, done for now!

GitHub repository, view experiment here.

I’m “done” as much as a random experiment can be done.  I’ve got a parallax effect based on mouse movement – I still can’t really figure out the best movements to make it look more 3D – and clicking on the landscape moves you “forward”.

My images are kind of retarded looking :( The overall effect is kind of confusing; I think I tried to put too many levels, so there’s too much going on at once.  I originally had this really complicated background too, with mini trees and bushes and mushrooms, but it didn’t make sense for that to stay so still while the other levels were moving forward.  Also, I didn’t draw that many possible images, so when they’re randomly selected, they repeat a lot.  It looks cool when they move forward on click though.

Oh well!  It was a fun experiment and I learned a lot.  Most importantly that I’m really bad at anything graphics related and should leave that to other people.

Now, on to use what I’ve learned to redesign BaconFriedRice!

Repetition in the landscape

My 6 possible images


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