I’ve recently been hearing a lot of hype about Steins;Gate. Based on that, I figured I would first watch Chaos;Head because they both originate from the same visual novel publisher and they both use semi-colons in their names. In retrospect, it was probably a waste of my time considering Chaos;Head is basically a harem with sword wielding schoolgirls and Steins;Gate is (as far as I understand it) some sort of time traveling/warping thing. Anyway…

The main character of Chaos;Head is probably one of the most annoying characters I’ve ever seen. Typically the male protagonist of a harem is either extremely clueless, or passive and indecisive about choosing what girl he wants. I mean, that’s the only way you can get away with 13-26 episodes of filler episodes. Unfortunately, this character is just awkward at everything he does and constantly whines about his social problems. Instead of doing something about them, he just sits around waiting for someone to help him.

The girls cover pretty much every standard stereotype (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when voiced right). None of them were particularly annoying, but none of them left any substantial impact. Animation overall was clean and good looking and the actual character designs looked fine.

The plot was kind of boring and the ending was so anti-climatic that I can’t even remember what happened despite just watching it a few weeks ago. Something about a machine that can control what people perceive as reality, thus allowing you to control them. Of course the guy who designs it is trying to take over the world with it and our hero goes to fight him and rescue the princess, supported by the rest of them. Despite all the focus on the magical swords, fighting was pretty non-existent throughout the series. Any fighting that did occur was short and clumsy looking. There wasn’t a very good amount of character development as far as I’m concerned, which may have been due to the 13 episode limit. Everyone had some stupid, tragic back story explained in 5 minutes.

Overall, extremely mediocre and not worth the time to watch. Onward to Steins;Gate.

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