IBM’s Watson came to CMU today, and they played a Jeopardy game with Watson, a team of 3 CMU students, and a team of 3 Pitt students.  When the Pitt dude was introducing their team, he said that they had 3 students here from their honors college.  Then the CMU dude introduced our people… and was like, “We like to think of all of CMU as an honors college.”  Zing!

My Chinese friend was on the CMU team and was the only non-white competitor, which I thought would be an advantage for us, but they lost the question where the answer was Chinese!  They were given two words and have to answer with the language of origin; in this case they were given “KOWTOW, CATSUP”.  To be fair though, I think both of those are from Cantonese… I was excited I knew it!

Watson completely destroyed both teams.  Sadly, we lost to Pitt :(

CMU team, Watson, Pitt team

CMU: $7463, Watson: $52199, Pitt: $12937

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