It’s finally over

Yesterday, I officially accepted the Cisco offer.

I’m quite bitter about it. My Qualcomm offer was nearly approved but not quite, so the recruiter could only tell me what the recommended package was. My Cisco recruiter was apparently out of town, so I couldn’t ask for (yet another) extension. I basically had to make a quick decision, and I chose Cisco.

I think I probably would have chosen Cisco even if I had a longer extension and I knew my final Qualcomm offer. It was mostly about location… I’d much rather be in the bay area than San Diego. Unfortunately, everything else about Qualcomm was better.

I’m a bit sad though, because Intel was still trying to get me an interview, and he called me just today to talk about it. No more free trip to California :(

Anyway, job shit is finally done. Now I can relax! Or actually focus on school, I guess.

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  1. William Chen

    November 9, 2010

    Be ready for all those acronyms Cisco loves so much!

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