FF13 Again

I FINALLY finished FF13. All I can say is FF13 is a tremendous waste of a gorgeous game engine. The ending cut scene was probably one of the most beautiful things, despite the fact that I still was confused as to what was going on storywise. But it was REALLY nice looking.

Someone explain to me how this makes sense. I was getting owned by a group of trash mobs on my way to the final battle. It took me 3-4 tries to figure out the right combination to beat them. Each attempt would take 5-10 minutes of slowing grinding down 1 enemy, only to get gimped because 2 enemies teamed up on my main character and killed her before I could heal. Then when the final boss comes, I beat him in maybe 2-3 minutes, without ever getting close to dying. I basically just buff up and go relentless assault and he dies immediately. This is the worst battle system I have ever witnessed in all my years of playing games.

FF13 was a bad game. It would have been better if they released a movie of just the cut scenes so we could see the great 1080p cinematics. Then it would still suck cause the story makes no fucking sense and I still have no clue what Fal’cie are.

October 15, 2010 Jack Games 1 Comment

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  1. Allison

    October 17, 2010

    You finished FF13? I don’t think I ever will :(

    Find a game for us to play together over winter break?

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